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french fries recipes bookAre you as crazy about your french fries recipes as we are? Well then you’ve come to the right place. This website is dedicated to providing you with new, original, and tasty french fries recipes. Everything from bacon & cheese fries to caramel and strawberry french fries; we have tried it all and are going to share our experiences with you. Please feel free to leave feedback, post your favorite french fries recipe, and interact with our fans.

Our goal for this site is to not only share with you great recipes, but also to show you how we made the french fries that we are reviewing. There is a section on our site dedicated to product reviews that covers the different types of french fry makers. In addition, we will also cover all of the different types of potatoes used to make french fries. Lastly, and probably most importantly, we will review some of the best restaurants offering unique french fries recipes that are worth trying.

Product Reviews

This is where you can go to read all about the different types of french fry makers, book reviews, french fries recipes reviews, and more. We are experts in our field because we believe we have tried most of the products available and would like to share with our audience our reviews. You will be surprised to see that although most did not work as advertised, some products actually duplicated the french fries found at popular fast food chains.

Best French Fries Recipes

My personal favorite, this is where you can go to see all of our favorite recipes. We believe we have tried most of them all, so we are constantly looking for new and innovative recipes to share with our audience. We strongly encourage you to read our recipes, and leave comments and reviews. Please note though that we have decided to list our french fries recipe in a blog format so that we can easily update them when new recipes become available.

Restaurant Reviews

If you are as big of a fan of french fries as we are, then you will understand the importance of trying out all of the local burger shops or bars offering the best french fries around. We review our fries based on appearance, taste, and originality. With that said, sit back, read around, and enjoy our favorite french fries recipes.